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Firearms, Gear, Morale Patches, and Book Reviews


Firearms Blog

If you were sleeping on the recent Gunbroker Gold Member drop of the Colt M45A1 Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP), you may have missed out on the firearms release of 2017. Maybe ever.

The M45A1 won a fierce competition against Springfield Armory and Karl Lippard Designs to replace the M1911A1 as the standard sidearm for Marines in combat. On, July 20, 2012, Colt was awarded the contract based on a variation of the 1911 Rail Gun and they delivered on an initial contract of 4,036 pistols and spares with future deliveries believed to be as high as 12,000 for a total contract said to be worth up to $22.5 million.

The Marine Corps is now decommisioning some of these thru Gunbroker to Gold Members at a price of $1,399.  The initial alotment sold out in days and collectors are scrambling to buy on the secondary market at more than double the release price. Each pistol comes with a letter from Colt certifying its provenance. 

4/10 Update:

Gunbroker has begun releasing additional New Old Stock (NOS) pistols that were issued to the USMC but may not have seen combat or heavy wear. The pistols began showing up at $2,300 early this morning in batches of 4-10 at a time and by the end of the day, were being listed at $2,995. A significant increase over the $1,300 original release. Obviously, Gunbroker did not anticipate the demand for these pistols and is testing the market. With combat used pistols fetching $3,300 as a BIN option, who knows where these will stop? $4,500? $5,000? More? Stay tuned...

Source: Guns and Ammo Magazine

Photo Credit: 1911 Addicts.com


Gear Blog

For those that ruck a lot of gear for tactical, sporting events, or pleasure outings, you simply cannot beat the Special Operations Equipment Super Kit Bag. 

These bags are 24" wide x 18" tall x 13" deep. That's 5,616 cubic inches of space. Heck, you could probably hide a Volkswagen in this thing.

The best part is that it is nearly bulletproof.  It has Type 7 webbing handle fully cradles around the entire bag as well as both ends. Flap snaps closed over the zipper to keep the contents buttoned up. It is made of genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

Retail is from $115-125 depending on colors (Woodland Camo pictured).  

Be sure to check SOE out at www.originalsoegear.com

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Morale Patches (Photo Credit Michael Norman)

What's Hot?

Among the hottest patches in the industry right now include anything to do with John Wick. Smoky Mountain Patch and Supply (SMPAS) recently commissioned Tactical Gent to create an extremely limited edition (only 55 made) patch featuring the Wick silhouette with his dog. Affectionately known as the Wick/Pup, it is one of the most limited and desired patches not currently on the market. It is only distributed via Giveaways (GAWs) and the number of ISO posts rises daily. In other Wick news, Tactical Gent released their own version entitled "Mr. Wick" which was limited to 300 and sold out in a few minutes. Given the number of Wick related patches already released and those on the way, there is always a risk of the market being saturated. Time will tell as collectors and flippers abound in search of the man who "...killed three guys with a pencil. A pencil."

One iconic franchise seems to have gained new life for its impending 3rd Anniversary. THE is releasing a Golden Bad Apple patch using the same Snow White template. The recent drop has spurred sales and ISOs of older Bad Apple patches as newer collectors scramble to gather complete sets. Regular issue Bad Apples are trading in the $40-75 range depending upon the variation. The Tique Bad Apple is trading in the $200s.

Anything Workshop 432 and Rydex is trading strongly. Newer collectors are posting numerous ISOs to shake loose older editions of the Bad Ass Mother series such as Dutch and Quint. The Rydex ice cream cone continues to garner many ISOs.



Book Reviews

I'm currently knee deep in an advance reading copy of C.M. Wendelboe's BACKED TO THE WALL.  It's the first in a brand new exciting series, a Tucker Ashley Western Adventure, publishing September 20, 2017.

It comes highly recommended by New York Times bestselling author CRAIG JOHNSON.  "This will have you backed up and demanding more."

More here as soon as I'm finished.

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